The Three Bravest Things About Iron Man 3

Hats off, Mr. Stark. 

Posted by Leah Singerman


It's Avengers week here at DweebCast. Actually, let's be real, when and where is it ever not Avengers week? Anyway, we're going to blog about a different Avenger movie each day, and first up is Iron Man 3. Story-wise, this movie is great in so many ways, but it also does a few things that are really brave. In honor of this movie being the third, here are the three bravest things about Iron Man 3: 


1. Iron Man is totally in love. 


Not all superheroes have a steady like this. Iron Man is in love with somebody who loves him back the entire time, and the movie doesn't rely on relationship drama. They're a normal couple, and yeah, they're dealing with some abnormal problems, but there's no danger of them breaking up and no need for a chase. Tony clearly just straight up loves the hell out of Pepper, and it's really freakin' sweet. And that's not to mention the way he totally bonds with Harley. It's not sappy- it's totally Tony Stark cool- but it's still a bond, and it makes us wonder... this guy is so good with kids, might there be some litty Tony and Peppers soon?


2. The villain completely throws us for a loop. 


We've all seen the guy who starts off lame, wants the help of our hero, our hero blows him off, and then he becomes super evil. Hello, Syndrome. But the extra layer in this case gave it a really cool new twist. First of all, bold move relating to real life and giving us a terrorist character who totally fits in with the type of person Americans would be really concerned about today. But that's not even the coolest part. He was a decoy all along! This movie says, "Hey, America! Look, it's a Middle Eastern looking person to be afraid of and blame all the national problems on! But wait, he's not actually the bad guy. The real villain is just a white guy. An intelligent, gifted, desperate white guy." America has way more of those than it has terrorists. Slow clap. 


3. Tony Stark is a real guy with a real problem. 


A lot of superheroes overcome some physical impairment that ends up being what makes them super. But how often do we see a superhero with a psychological impairment? Anxiety attacks are nothing to sneeze at, and just imagine trying to deal with them while also dealing with things like evil villains trying to kill the president, and your girlfriend. But it's not just cool that Tony lives with it. It's cool because it makes him so much more relatable to so many of us. It makes him human, and that's one of the best things about Iron Man. He may be a superhero but he's still prone to, well, life.


So, bravo, Iron Man 3. You have proved yourself to be among the bravest of the brave. We'll keep you. And probably watch you, like, three times a week for basically ever. It's casual. 


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