What Makes Thor the Coolest Avenger

He may be the odd guy out, but he's quite possibly the most epic.

 Posted by Leah Singerman


Avengers week continues and today we’re talking about Thor. The god of thunder is definitely the oddball as far as the Avengers go, but we think the things that make him so different from the other guys also happen to be the things that made his movie so great. So here they are. Cue The Backstreet Boys' What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful- this one’s for you, Thor. 


1. He's not from our world. 

While all the other Avengers hail from good old planet Earth, Thor comes from Asgard. He has a completely and totally different background from pretty much any character he's going to come into contact with, which makes things automatically more interesting. And not only that, but this movie actually did a fantastic job using the Earth-Asgard cultural divide as a source of comedy. Things could have been pretty disjointed and awkward in a movie that flips back and forth between worlds, but Thor did it so well. Thor sticks out like a sore thumb in New Mexico (who doesn't?), and so do his friends Xena, Jackie Chan, and Robinhood. And it's hilarious. Way to face the difference and use it to your advantage, my friends. 


2. He's more magic than science. 

While all of the other Avengers essentially come from some form of military science experiments, Thor is the only one who was born this way (somebody needs to make a Thor version of that music video right now). He's not an experiment, he's a god, and he understands both science and magic. In fact, one of the most interesting themes in this movie is the idea of humans trying to reconcile the difference between the two. So instead of your typical boy meets girl, boy woos girl by being a super cut god, boy gets girl, boy promises to see girl again but then breaks the bridge between their two dimensions story, you get the boy who represents magic and the girl who represents science coming together in a way that's really cool and interesting. The movie is taking a totally human question and using it to keep us curious and to spark a fresh, new relationship. We're fans. 


3. He has the most character development, by far. 

No offense to the other Avengers, but none of them go through near as much character development as Thor does. Personality-wise, Cap, Iron Man, and Hulk all pretty much stay the same- they just have to adjust to new powers. And there's nothing wrong with that. But one of the best things about Thor is that the powers are almost an aside to the actual story, which is about a guy who cares a lot but has to learn to be wise and to put others first. If you tell us you didn't have all of the feels when Thor sacrificed himself and only then became worthy of the power he had always taken for granted, then you're lying. Because that was just one of the greatest moments ever. That is all. 


All in all, we love Thor. He's different, and the Avengers need that. And don't even get us started on how important and crazy awesome Loki is, because we would love to, but we just can't right now. 


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