Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

The world's best summary of the Harry Potter series.

Posted by Leah Singerman


If seven books is just too much to read, you're in luck. You can find out what happens in the entire Harry Potter series in just 99 seconds with this handy dandy, FREAKING AWESOME song by Paint. Check it out below. 



Wow. First of all, way to use the actual Harry Potter score. The a cappella version is very much appreciated. And those lyrics- who knew a series thousands of pages long could be summed up so eloquently in just a few phrases per book?


Our only beef with this? We resent the idea that it doesn't make sense that Sirius Black is Harry's godfather. It makes perfect sense, their relationship was legit, and we miss Sirius big time. Can anybody else just not read the second half of book five because it hurts too much? We know we're not alone. 


Anyway, we're Paint's newest fans and we'll definitely be sharing more of the nerdy stuff they do. How did you like Harry Potter in 99 Seconds? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @DweebCast


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