How to Name A Superhero

Friends, you taught us so much. 

Posted by Leah Singerman


So, the other day at work Jesse corrected me- I had been spelling "Spider-Man" like "Spiderman." My bad, guys. Anyway, Jesse and Andy started joking around, like hey, what if it was Spiderman, like a last name? Haha. Flash forward to today, when I was watching Friends, and what do you know, that joke was around 17 years ago.



Hey Jesse, Andy, 1997 called, it wants its joke back. Ohhhhh! Anyway, this clip is a hilarious little "how to" on naming superheroes. Tupperman keeps heroes fresh until the police arrives. We needed one of those, didn't we? 


What are some other fake superhero names? Share your best ideas with us and maybe they'll make it onto the show. Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @DweebCast


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