Paul Rudd Shows Us Why He's Fantastic (Again)

...and nobody is surprised.

Posted by Leah Singerman


Paul Rudd is our Ant Man, but he was on the Colbert Report to shout out at his newest movie, They Came Together. In this clip, Colbert asks Rudd about getting his bod ready for Ant Man. Does he have to bulk up? Take off his shirt to show that thorax? (Ew.) And while we're talking about Paul Rudd taking his shirt off, why not casually segue into a chat about his testicles? Check it out below: 



So, here's what we've gathered. Paul Rudd is nice. Paul Rudd is hilarious. Paul Rudd is on steroids. Sounds like our kind of Ant Man. We don't know much about the movie at this point, but we love this guy, so we've got faith. 


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