Because we can always count on Twitter to #keepitreal

Posted by Claire Elise Stephens

This week late night game show @midnight started a hashtag game for #MoreRealisticVideoGameTitles in celebration of National Video Game Day. Because, hey, we have to poke fun at games we love now and then-- it's not like it's life or death. (Just kidding. It absolutely is. If my bratty little cousin beats me at Call of Duty one more time I swear...)

And gamers everywhere chimed in.

And we got some great graphics too. 

No game was safe from the wrath of reality, and no console was either.

And don't forget the very productive interactions between grown adults and kids around the world.

Have your own #MoreRealisticVideoGameTitle? Share in the comments below or tweet us @DweebCast . And while we're keeping it real, check out some seriously weird video games that actually exist:

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