We Were Right, Cap is Black

And Stephen Colbert is the new Falcon!

Posted by Leah Singerman

We can't help it that we're awesome, guys. We told you yesterday that all this Marvel madness is just a stunt- a stunt that we'll totally take, but a stunt nonetheless- and that the announcement would be on the Colbert report last night. Aaaaand we were right. #jussayin. 

Stephen Colbert had Joe Quesada, Marvel's CCO, on the show last night to give us an update on Cap's latest happenings- and they're not good. Crazy Iron Man robot guy just shot Cap with these really specific darts that do nothing but take the super serum out of him, so Steve Rogers is suddenly old. And since old people can't do anything for our country, he needs to be replaced... by none other than the Falcon!

And the studio audience was silent, because nobody was surprised. Anyway, Stephen asked the question on everybody's mind: why is the new Captain America not Stephen Colbert? ...there's an open slot for Falcon, right? 

Really, though, he took a moment to comment on the fact that Cap is now black, to which Joe responded, "I don't see colors." Joe, please sound more pretentious and self-congratulating. Oh wait, you can't. Colbert responded perfectly, though- if you can't see colors, how do you work in comics?

Thank you, Stephen Colbert, for stealing the spotlight from news that really shouldn't be such a huge deal, and for making fun of Marvel's thinking that they're so politically correct and wonderful. They needed that.

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Really though, we're huge fans. Any comic book news is good news, because we're crazy about these characters and their awesome stories. We're just giving you a hard time cause we love you, Marvel.

And because good things happen in threes, especially at Marvel, don't forget that Iron Man is getting a new suit.

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We'll see ya next time!

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