What Would You #AskHipHopTrooper?

DweebCast Wants Your Questions For Everyone's Favorite Cosplayer @HipHopTrooper!

Listen up cosplayers! 

What would you ask the trooper, who grew up on the Death Star and flew down to Earth to save hip hop? We've teamed up with the most bad@$$ cosplayer- the awesome @HipHopTrooper- to shoot a special segment for our viewers. And we want your questions!

Any question goes! Feel free to tweet 'em at us @DweebCast using the #AskHipHopTrooper hashtag, post them to Facebook or simply fill out the form below. We'll pick our favorites and feature them in an upcoming DweebCast episode. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and submit a question!

And if you don't know who @HipHopTrooper is, here's why he was the best thing about #StarWarsDay:

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