Want The Princess Bride Legos? As You Wish.

...kind of.

Posted by Leah Singerman

We all love our Star Wars legos, but wasn't there always something missing? We're pretty sure that something was Fred Savage's bedroom. And now that the world includes such a thing, it's just a better place. 

Except for the fact that these Princess Bride lego collections aren't actually coming from LEGO. They're coming from a collaboration of fantastic artists who realized what the world was missing and embarked upon a fearless journey to bring it to us. So here they are, for your enjoyment, The Princess Bride lego scenes. We wish we could buy them in sets, but isn't half the fun of legos the fact that you can mix and match and make anything you want? So if you're down to recreate any of these and send us a picture, we'll definitely feature it on the show (even if you fail a little bit). 

"Fred Savage's Bedroom" by Casey McCoy

"Vizzini v. Westley Battle of Wits" by DR.Church

"Fezzik vs. Wesley..." by Casey McCoy

Be sure to check out the Flickr collection of all of these Princess Bride sets. And when you give it a try, tweet us a picture @DweebCast. We'll see ya next time!

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