Hemlock Grove: Most Awesome Moments

It's horror, fantasy, and over-the-top gore galore!

Posted by: Claire Elise Stephens

Hemlock Grove Season 2 was released on Netflix this month, so we're kicking off the week with this season's most awesome moments!

[SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you don't want season 2 to be ruined for you. Also, the show is rated TV-MA for sex & nudity, violence & gore, profanity, alcohol/drugs/smoking, frightening/intense scenes]


Genius: Peter Pulls a Total Gypsy Move

As both a gypsy and a werewolf, Peter has a few tricks up his sleeve. Traveling all his life with his mother has kept her out of trouble with the law for years of scams, until now. In a pinch for money, Peter sells a couple of dimwit local drug dealers eye drops for the $20,000 he needs to pay his mother's legal fees. Add a partial werewolf transition (the typical ordeal of a werewolf ripping it's way out of his human body, splitting it open) and they're convinced they're tripping. Plus we finally see the cover art made reality. That choice doesn't turn out to be a great idea since turning on the wrong moon has desire consequences...

Awkward: Morning After Menage a Trois

The fates have thrown new character Miranda into Hemlock Grove against her will. Staying with wealthy heir Roman and having her car fixed by gypsy Peter, she has found herself in bed with both these former friends. Peter & Roman's bromance went sour after Roman's cousin/Peter's girlfriend died last season. What better way to mend a friendship than a fist fight and threesome makeup sex with the girl you're both doing? While Miranda is totally cool with the situation, the two guys share an awkward morning after moment that takes bromance to the next level and surely has inspired hundreds of scandalous fan fictions.

That's So Olivia: Eat Your Heart Out

Norman should have known having an affair with femme fetale Olivia for decades wouldn't end well for him. After all, her husband/his brother challenged her and ended up dead, his ex-wife challenged her and ended up dead, and his daughter was impregnated by her son and ended up dead. Once he finds out she's an upir (vampire species from Ukranian legend) who's been killing people for hundreds of years, he plans to take her down. But not even years of being lovers can save him this time. Olivia kills takes him out the most fitting way possible, by finally having his heart -- the real question is, will he stay dead?

Ridiculous: Bring on the Blood Bath

A show that doesn't shy away from bloody, gory violence, we get a look at the pornographic blood-fest festering in Roman's mind as he tries to control his thirst for flesh and blood as an upir. Coming to the realization hasn't exactly been an easy one, nor is dealing with the worsening thirst (enough to make him want to eat leeches after they've fed on humans -- ew.) Having Miranda's throbbing veins around is not helping -- so he tears her throat open, blood spurting everywhere, covering everything, painting the floors. Just kidding! He only imagined it. It's not ridiculous if it was all imaginary, right?

Freaky Flashes: Hemlock Grove Medium

Peter's sassy cousin Destiny can both pull a psychic scam and actually help interpret Peter's disturbing futuristic dreams and solve town murders. It's rarely easy -- sometimes eating maggots that have eaten a dead person's flesh or swallowing a concoction that includes his spit. This time she needs to be drowned to figure out what the Big Bad's plan is, and like always, the flashes she sees are the disturbing, violent, symbolic images of Hemlock Grove's sweet cinematography.

What were your favorite Hemlock Grove moments? Did we miss any truly epic moments? Tell us in the comments below or tweet at us @DweebCast! Check back in for the creepiest and most WTF moments of Hemlock Grove season 2!

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