Hemlock Grove: Most WTF?! Moments

Seriously, what in the actual #$%@?

Posted by: Claire Elise Stephens

Hemlock Grove has a TV-MA rating and they use every inch of it, which means people are ripped open, skinned or eaten on the reg... plus some maggot and leech eating now and then. But that's rarely the most horrifying part of the show, because the story is like a twisted soap opera on crack. Here are season 2's most seriously messed up moments -- read on if you dare!

 [SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you don't want season 2 to be ruined for you. Also, the show is rated TV-MA for sex & nudity, violence & gore, profanity, alcohol/drugs/smoking, frightening/intense scenes]

Country King Pin: A Literal Ball Buster

So earlier in the season Peter tricked some local drug dealers into buying fake drugs. They had a farmer boss, and he is not happy about it. Missing $20,000 is no skin off his back, but he takes the clothes off theirs and, to make an example of them, removes their testicles. While they're awake and conscious. With a creepy tool he already had to do the same to pigs. And he calmly describes what he's going to do before he does it.

Blood Related: Incest Somehow Got Even Worse

Norman Godfrey, who everyone thinks is Roman’s uncle, reveals that he is actually Roman's father. Which means last season Roman raped, brain washed, and had a child with his half-sister, not his cousin as he originally thought. So much better.

A Crappy Situation: Living Witness

Trying to figure out his lover’s past, Norman hires a private investigator who finds that Olivia's fingerprints match a crime from years ago. They find a witness to the crime, now an old woman who can barely talk or move, but that doesn't stop her from identifying Olivia's picture in a line up -- by writing it on the wall in her own feces. Yuck.

Shark Jumping: What the Hell Was That?

The season finale culminates in a dramatic chase to the top of the Godfrey Tower. The lead guys are trying to stop their shared love interest, Miranda, from jumping off the building, offing herself and Roman's baby. They don't stop her -- but something with claws does. That alone is ridiculous, but then we see it's a huge, flying reptilian thing with a human face. The show's CGI shortcomings have never been more painfully obvious than at this moment. 

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