How Jurassic Park Changed Everything


Posted by Leah Singerman

If you were too young to be in movie theaters when Jurassic Park came out in 1993, you may not know why this movie was such a big deal- other than the fact that it's about dinosaurs taking over, and that the score was pretty much handed to us by angels. Nope, there's something else even bigger. And it's called CGI.

You might know that CGI (computer generated graphics) is what we use for a bunch of special effects in movies today. But, of course, computers haven't always been what they are today, and there was a time when all special effects were done manually. Honestly, it's okay if you can't believe it. That's the point. This is huge.

Jurassic Park was so important because it was the first ever movie to use CGI in a big way. In other words, them dinosaurs looked real. And audiences could not keep their shit together, because this stuff was crazy. But behind every story of innovation is a story of the bad guy who won't let innovation happen (that's only partially a joke), and that's what we have here. And now, may we direct you to the video that explains everything: 

It's a classic tale: the smart, nerdy guys are held back by the people who don't believe in them. But, against all odds, they champion science and their bosses to give us the scariest damn T-Rexes we'd never seen. Honestly, we could see a movie being made about this story. Or at least a cool documentary.

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