Kids React to Game Boy, We Freak Out

Hey, we totally needed all of those flashlight/magnifying glass accessories. Don't hate.

Posted by Leah Singerman

So, there are these YouTubers called TheFineBros and they like to make everyone older than high school feel horrible about themselves. And they're really good at it, too. Here's how they do it: just give a kid some "old" technology and let them talk. You may have seen our blog about kids reacting to a commercial for the Internet circa the '90s, and yeah, that was just hilarious. In this edition, they give the kids some 1989 Game Boys and maybe we're just a little sensitive, but aren't these kids kind of mean about the whole thing?

Sorry Tetris, the most popular video game pretty much ever, is just too boring for you. But we're not bitter or anything. It's fine. Thanks to the kids who are just very levelheaded about the whole thing. Yeah, this was the grandfather to, like, everything. And yeah, it was really cool for its time. 

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