Under the Dome Recap: Infestation

Posted by Leah Singerman

So, here's what happened last night on Under the Dome. 

Angie is dead, and everyone is on a mission to figure out who killed her. We don't know who it was, but we know it wasn't the mysterious girl. Unfortunately for her, though, she has no idea who she is and her shoe matches a bloody footprint from the crime scene. 

Meanwhile, Big Jim is all sunshine and butterflies- or maybe caterpillars. Rebecca the science teacher discovers that there's a caterpillar infestation on the dome's crops, and she wants to set fire to all the infested crops so it doesn't spread (if she's so smart shouldn't she know that the enclosed environment of the dome probably wouldn't bode well if she went through with that plan?), but instead Barbie takes a plane up to spray some insecticide. He runs out of gas, but Big Jim lets him know that there's an extra tank, and somehow that's a big deal. 

Julia and Barbie have an almost nonexistent fight that's basically there to give us some drama in their relationship so that Barbie can get jealous of Sam, who's been helping to examine Angie's body. He and Julia realize it must have been a guy (they see finger marks on Angie's arm, and girls just can't have big hands, right?) so the mystery girl is free. 

At Angie's funeral, Big Jim talks to everyone about things that have nothing to do with Angie, and we realize how much power he has over the town. By the end of the episode we realize that Angie's killer was probably Junior, who was blackout drunk at the time. How does he deal with this? He drinks some more and outs himself to good old Uncle Sam. The end.

Well, this episode is a little better than last week in terms of things that are just ridiculous- no weird magnetic waves screwing with everybody, and none of the dome making people sacrifice themselves. Big Jim thinks the dome was sent here just to test him, but that remains to be seen. This episode honestly could have come from any murder mystery, other than the few minutes devoted to the infestation. That little plot had nothing to do with the rest of the episode, though. At the end Rebecca basically tells Jim that they're going to run out of food and space and people are going to start dying, so that's a thing that's happening I guess.

Overall, this episode gets a solid B-. Interesting story, still a little over-dramatic in the telling. And not enough dome, but too much overeager science teacher. Here's hoping that next week gets better. Did you like it? Let us know what you thought in the comments below or tweet us @DweebCast.

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