An Ode to Dobby

A free elf.

Posted by Leah Singerman

Warning: If you haven't read HP2 or 7, there might be some spoilers. Also, shame on you.

The Harry Potter tributes continue, and today's spotlight is on Chamber of Secrets. And, because he's wonderful, we're giving a shout out to Dobby. Other than Ron and Hermione, Dobby is one of the characters that is with Harry and supports him for the longest throughout the series, and his death is probably one of the ones that hurts the most (other than Fred). In book 2, Dobby may have been a huge nuisance to Harry, but without his help, Harry for sure wouldn't have been able to deal with all of that Chamber of Secrets nonsense. Check out all the ways Dobby actually really helped: 

  • got him into huge trouble with the Dursleys, so that the Weasleys could save him
  • sealed Platform 9 3/4 so Harry and Ron would have to drive the Ford Anglia to Hogwarts. You're welcome for that adventure- without it they wouldn't have known about the Whomping Willow. 
  • bewitched a bludger to furiously attack him- so that he could be in the hospital to get inside info on the Chamber
  • straight up gave Harry some major info on the last time the Chamber was opened 

So maybe it took us a while to see it, but Dobby was actually probably the most important character in Chamber of Secrets. So, thank you Dobby. You're a free elf, and we hope there's plenty of butter beer and socks in house elf heaven. 

And, with that, please reminisce on Harry and Dobby's first meeting. 

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