We're All Losing Our Sh*t Over Guardians of the Galaxy

But what else is new?

Posted by Leah Singerman

So, the Internet has actually been freaking out about Guardians of the Galaxy for quite a while now. Ever since the first trailer was released, the hype has just gotten more and more cray. Yesterday things just blew up with the latest trailer, which is making us more excited than ever. Check it out below. 

How could this movie not be amazing!? Just because we're that excited, let's go ahead and take a look at all of the GotG hype that's been coming from Ora for the past few months. 

Remember when we first found out that Bradley Cooper was Rocket Raccoon? That was super exciting, and we think he might just be our favorite character. Check out our coverage of the good news below. 

And how about when the first trailer premiered on Jimmy Kimmel? We all went berserk and our sister show, Daily ReHash, took a look at everybody's Twitter reactions. And then they reacted to your reactions. It was great: 

And finally, what would a Marvel movie be without a cameo from the great Stan Lee? Well, we thought we were going to have to find out when the dude himself told us he wouldn't be in this one. Heartbreaking, right? Of course, we later heard that his info was false, and thank goodness for that. Check out our Stan Lee interview below. 

After all this hype, if you're not excited by now, you're probably just a lost cause. And don't you worry, there's more to come. What do you think of all the Guardians of the Galaxy action? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @DweebCast

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