Navigate the Seven Kingdoms With These Game of Thrones Transit Maps

Still confused on where Moat Cailin is? These maps won't help.

Posted by Jesse B. Gill

We’ve all been there. Right after the Game of Thrones opening theme plays, you jump on your laptop and Googled the crap out of “Actual Map of Westeros.”

And when you do, you get something that looks like this:

Which is great when you’re looking at it but as soon as you go back to watching the show, you immediately forget what you looked at and are just as confused as when you started.

Enter graphic designer Michael Tyznik. On his website, Tyznik posted full blown transit maps of Westeros. So if you’re trying to make it to The Wall by way of Casterly Rock, you know exactly what route and subway train to take.

Doesn’t exactly make anything less confusing…but it does break everything down rather nicely.

Check out more maps from the Seven Kingdoms (and beyond!) at Tyznik’s website.

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