More Female Superheroes!

All the super ladies...

Posted by: Claire Elise Stephens

There's lots of dweeb-y buzz going around these days about ladies taking on superhero gigs: Marvel announced a female Thor for the comics, there might be a female-cast Ghostbusters, and now Sony's planning a female superhero movie for the Spider-Man universe. 

Dweeb chicks rejoice, right? Only if it's done well -- after all, plenty of team movies manage to squeeze in just one, very sexy superchick. (Guardians of the Galaxy,The Avengers, Watchmen, Fantastic Fourto name a few.) Great characters, sure, but everyone wants to see heroes like them and not just pretty supportive girlfriends or token hero hotties.


Are all the new female hero movies just to draw attention and say "Look more girls! Aren't we so feminist and progressive?" Better than seeing no super ladies at all, but not going to be as awesome as the other superhero movies we know and love. Just making a girl-version of what originally had dudes is the movie equivalent of a "sexy Batman" costume on Halloween. And as Leah Singerman points out, in comics that having been going on for years, gender bending is actually pretty common.

A female superhero movie set in the Spider-Man universe is a step in the right direction -- especially since Lisa Joy has been hired to write the script. Who better to tell a story about a super woman than a woman? And now that movies like Maleficant, The Hunger Games, and Lucy (which beat out Hercules in the box office) are raking in the dough, hopefully the time is coming for superchicks to be so common they're not huge news stories. So bring on the superwomen, world!

Who are your favorite superwomen? What female superhero from the Spiderman universe do you think will get their own movie? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @DweebCast! Catch you later!

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