Coming to Netflix in September

Whether you're catching up or looking for a diversion, there's a lot to stream before the fall season.

Posted by Xander Pakzad

A new month, a new batch of shows and movies to stream. September boasts an especially long list of perks for Netflix subscribers, but we picked out the ones you'll care about most.

The Walking Dead Season 4, available September 28th

If you haven’t seen season 4 of The Walking Dead yet, prepare to hate The Governor even more. Marathon through it all before season 5 arrives on AMC October 12th.

Arrow Season 2, September 14

If you’re not caught up on Arrow, you won’t have that much time to do your homework. Season 2 will go up on Netflix on September 14th, and Season 3 premieres on The CW October 8th. Somewhere in there, you’ll want to check out “Season 2.5,” the digital comic that explains the five months in between. What can I say, Oliver’s a busy dude.

Comic Book Men Season 3, September 28

Following in the footsteps of his SModcast network, Comic Book Men is an unscripted look at Smith and his geeky gang, this time at their comic book shop “Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.” What really gives the shop (and the show) personality are the customers whose collections almost qualify them for a certain A&E show.

Revolution Season 2, September 22

If you’re looking for something bite-size to tide you over until your favorites come back, check out Revolution. The second and final season comes to Netflix this month, so you can get through the entire series pretty quickly. Permanent worldwide blackout? The pilot alone gave me nightmares.

Flubber, September 1st

I can’t end this list without mentioning one of my favorite sci-fi flicks as a kid, Flubber. As one of the first movies to introduce me to Robin Williams, it’s even more sentimental to me now that he’s gone. Many of his movies are available to stream either now or coming this month, so pay homage to a legend by revisiting your favorite.

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