Gotham's Marketing Campaign is All Over the Place

Is it possible to be behind on a show before it's even premiered?

Posted by Xander Pakzad

Fox and DC Comics have really pushed the new series Gotham, the origin story of Batman's hometown and its most infamous criminals. Even as the show premieres in less than a week, new promos and virtual attractions are popping up to get the word out. Some of the ways they flesh out the city are actually pretty cool.

First off, Fox has released countless videos and featurettes. (Don’t miss our blog on the "making of" video.) To get up to speed, watch “The Legend Reborn,” a 22-minute preview of the show. It includes interviews with pretty much everyone involved from executive producer Bruno Heller, to Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics, and of course the entire cast.

If you want to see the current going-ons of Gotham City, head over to Gotham Chronicle. It’s like The Huffington Post but more murdery. The Tumblr-based site is full of bite-sized, shareable Gotham nuggets. The “articles” are photos and gifs, as well as some almost-subtle foreshadowing. (“Ivy plants making a comeback.” What could that m— OH I see what you did there.)

Isn't this photo a little voyeuristic for a newspaper? The photographer is the killer, obviously. (

To really get a feel for the titular city, collect evidence at Gotham’s virtual crime scene. It’s really just a collection of character bios and a few animations thrown in, but it makes for a good refresher course before the pilot. It also sets the show’s tone nicely with a dimly lit alley, aloof criminals, and a somber piano melody in the background.

Yes, I chose this screen capture to show that I collected all the evidence. (

Here you can watch the new “3D” trailer for Gotham. It doesn’t require a 3D monitor as the effect is made by superimposing graphics over your web browser. Nothing special, but it makes good use of an effect that’s predominantly seen in unsolicited ads.

While we’re on the subject of marketing, isn’t it a little suspicious that Ben McKenzie got a head injury a week before the premiere? Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “publicity stunt.”

Why not just work it into the show? From the previews, it looks like James Gordon often has open wounds on his face.

There's a lot to look forward to when Gotham premieres on Monday, September 22nd. What character are you most excited to see? Tweet us @DweebCast

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