Dogs and Cats Suit Up For Sci-Fi

I guess these strays are better off in a Starfighter than on the street.

Posted by Xander Pakzad

Our pets are just like us! That’s what my pet-owning friends tell me, anyways. The cat-fancying folk over at The Pet Collective have a huge library of dogs and cats re-enacting their favorite movie moments, AKA being lured into four-legged costumes by fish-flavored treats. Here are some notables.

The big twist in this Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is that the apes are played by pugs who are voiced by humans. I guess that's a win for diversity. The image of a herd (flock? pride? murder?) of pugs makes this one extra terrifying.

Heavy on the special effects, this version of Star Wars weirds me out for a few reasons. The cats' mouths move creepily fast. I mean, I know they're in a hurry, but they're still cats. The TIE Fighters are edible. Also, do none of these animals need a helmet in outer space?

If you don't like cats, this X-Men is not going to change your mind. Why do the cats choose this morning to unveil their secret identities? I need more backstory. Props for the adorable Magneto, though.

If you have photos or video of your pet re-enacting or cosplaying, you can bet we'd like to see it. Comment here or tweet us @DweebCast.

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