What You Missed at Dragon Con 2014

Hint #1: epic. Hint #2: cosplay.

Posted by Xander Pakzad

Dragon Con 2014 took place in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend. Here's what you missed by not going.

The Luigi death stare. (photo credit: Reddit)

Piper and Pornstache. (photo credit: Facebook)

A giddy Thor. (photo credit: SuperHeroHype)

Doctor Octopus in the making. (photo credit: Reddit)

Imperial Starfighters that just got up from a nap. (photo credit: Facebook)

Charizard caught in the act of... something. (photo credit: SuperHeroHype)

My friend Cindyrella Cosplay as Rufio! (photo credit: Facebook)

A dish best served cold, in a galaxy far, far away. (photo credit: SuperHeroHype)

The Ambiguously Gay Duo. (photo credit: Facebook)

The Ambiguously Gay... Trio? (photo credit: Facebook)

Companion Hugh with cake "girlfriend." (photo credit: Facebook)

Spider-Man after a break-up. (photo credit: SuperHeroHype)

Some d*cks in b*xes. (photo credit: Facebook)

Loki. (photo credit: Facebook)

Stitch photobombing World of Whocraft. (photo credit: SuperHeroHype)

The truth. (photo credit: Facebook)

A few party-goers and one murderer. (photo credit: SuperHeroHype)

A generous and very patient BMO. (photo credit: Reddit)

Xena and Gabrielle. (photo credit: SuperHeroHype)

Carmen Sandiego. (photo credit: SuperHeroHype)

A family photo from Rapture. (photo credit: Reddit)

And my personal favorite, the Dragon Con missed connections Facebook page.

You're welcome.

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