​DC Comics Are All Over TV This Fall

Just when you thought you were all caught up...

Posted by Xander Pakzad

DC fanboys and fangirls, clear your weeknights, because you’ll have a lot to keep up with starting in a few weeks. A crowd favorite is coming back along with three newcomers. And that one character whose comeback-in-the-making is getting a lot of buzz this week...


There are a lot of questions to be answered in the third season of Arrow. Notably, the end of season 2 indicated that Katie Cassidy’s character Laurel is to become the Black Canary. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim sort of confirmed this in an interview. (Cassidy’s Instagram also provided some hints.) We’ll get to see her transformation, more Oliver/Felicity tongue-wrestling, and a whole lot of chase sequences when the third season debuts on The CW October 7th.

The Flash

Premiering alongside Arrow on October 7th is our favorite track and field star The Flash. Both Barry Allen and Oliver Queen are appearing in each other’s shows, so fans of Arrow will want to keep watching Tuesday nights. I'm rooting for Grant Gustin’s Flash as he's young and a bit of an underdog. I still can’t take the lightning bolt ears seriously, though.


This has to be one of the most ambitious small-screen efforts for any comic book franchise. Gotham goes back in time to the origins of the City’s most notorious. We’ll get to see how The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and more all became the cold-blooded killers we love to hate. The trick is that we won’t initially know which characters are the villains we already know, so each episode is must-see for fans of the caped crusader. Also, check out the awesome illustrations by comic book artist Jock in the above promo. Catch the first episode on September 22nd on Fox.


Constantine could hit the mark or miss it completely. The newest comic reboot has been met with mixed feelings. Some appreciate DC’s new direction while others grieve the original Hellblazer series that ended last year after two decades. And out of all the shows on this list, it’s hard to tell if this show is a legitimate reimagining or if it’s just cashing in on the superhero frenzy. Still, as a primetime supernatural thriller, it has a good chance of finding an audience. We’ll see how it does on NBC starting October 24th.

So what do we have to look forward to after the fall season? Fresh off of Arrow and The Flash, co-creator Greg Berlanti is eyeing Supergirl for his next TV project. Ali Adler will write the pilot script. She comes from a comedy background (Chuck, No Ordinary Family, The New Normal), so I guess the “no jokes” policy doesn’t apply here. No casting choices or production dates have been nailed down yet.

What do you think of DC on TV? Are these series good companions for the comics, or are they spreading themselves too thin?

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