7 More WWE Wrestlers Who Should Be Superheroes

"Should"? I mean will. It's just a matter of time.

Posted by Xander Pakzad

The news of Dwayne Johnson getting the role of Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam movie should come as a surprise to no one. Comic book characters are a natural extension of WWE personas as Dave Batista showed in Guardians of the Galaxy. Pro wrestlers make a living by training in stage fighting and doing their own stunts. They’re used to wearing bright-colored spandex Speedos, in front of huge crowds no less. Most importantly, they already have a background in acting. (Apologies to those of you in the middle of the country who think it’s real.)

Let’s take a look at some other wrestlers who could effortlessly make the transition from wrestling ring to silver screen.

(images: WWEDC Comics)

The Miz as Shazam

The Miz is destined for something big. His trajectory through the WWE is the American dream come true. Starting out as cast member “Mike” on The Real World: Back to New York, he worked his way from the bottom up to become a WWE Superstar. (The WWE has a loose interpretation of the word “superstar.”) But then he got cocky and pissed off a lot of important people including Black Adam himself, The Rock. Here you can see the two not getting along so well. How amazing would it be if these two "real-life" enemies settled their dispute on-screen?

(images: WWEMarvel)

Lana as Yelena Belova/Black Widow

A female-led Marvel movie will happen, and there’s no doubt it will star Black Widow. Even Iron Man himself is down for the cause. The question now is: how they will expand on her story? With a challenge from her successor, Yelena Belova. Lana has the accent and the curt attitude to play Yelena. Just look at how she deals with internet haters.

(images: WWEDynamite)

Eva Marie as Red Sonja

The stage is set for a new Red Sonja film. If there are two things Hollywood loves at this very moment, it’s superheroes and remakes. With a new run of comics by Dynamite Entertainment, what better time to revisit our favorite female barbarian. With crimson locks and cat eyes, Eva Marie would be a perfect fit for the “She-Devil with a sword.”

(images: WWEMarvel)

Bad News Barrett as Kraven the Hunter

While we don’t know a lot about the Sinister Six movie, we do know Kraven the Hunter will make the cut as one of Spider-Man’s nemeses in the film. Bad News Barrett has already established himself as an antagonist. Below you can see him sucker-punching Rob Van Dam before a fight (and then delivering a monologue, as both wrestlers and supervillains often do). He’s also the only man in the world who can make an English accent sound trashy.

(images: WWEMysterio)

Rey Mysterio as Mysterio

No explanation needed.

(images: WWEMarvel)

Sheamus as Banshee

Caleb Landry Jones did not return as Banshee in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and we felt a hole in the movie as a result. Well, not really. It was awesome. Still, wouldn’t it be great to bring Banshee back from the dead? He’s already been resurrected in the comics. Both he and Sheamus are the most famous Irishmen in their respective worlds. It’d be stupid not to bring them together, really. Here he is styling Conan O’Brien’s hair.

(images: WWEMarvel)

Paige as Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers

There’s something about Paige that makes her so successful and alluring. She’s irreverent with her punny moves like “Paige-Turner” and “Ram-Paige”. But she’s also a determined, skilled… athlete, if you will, as a two-time WWE Divas Champion. Her sense of humor mixed with her steadfast drive will lead her to star in the Ms. Marvel movie, which is somewhere in the pipeline.

What other wrestlers do you think could put on a cape and crusade with the best of them? Let us know in the comments below, or Tweet us at @DweebCast.

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