The Villains of Gotham are Even More Badass in Cereal Form

Why So Cereal?

Posted by Leah Singerman

Cereal. Villains. Gotham. Which of these is not like the other?

TRICK QUESTION! These three things go together perfectly, and artists Chris Fason and Christopher Howard Wolf can prove it. 

If the design wasn't genius enough, check out the blurb: 

"Own the first "Why So Cereal?" design, Trixter, and let everyone know you're not 'all there'. At least not before a good breakfast. Two familiar characters with a penchant for outlandish plots have combined... would you like to know how he got those scars? Using a spoon instead probably would've helped."

And if Trixter earns enough in sales, they'll "unlock" Tigerbane, The Toucan, and Harley Quispp. 

We never thought we'd actually say this, but getting more super villains is actually an awesome reward in this case. We'll take 'em all. Now we just want to know who they're going to make out of the Lucky Charms guy...

You can check out the website here, or buy the shirt (or buy the shirts for us, we won't complain) here. And you can let us know your cool cereal-villain combo ideas in the comments below, or tweet them to us @DweebCast. We'll see ya next time!

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