The Evolution of Catwoman

It's kit-story...get it? Okay, we're sorry.

Posted by Leah Singerman

Don't you hate when you're trying to dress up as Catwoman but you don't have one handy dandy illustration to serve as an exhaustive reference to all of her outfits, ever? I know. It sucks. For all of you ladies and gents who need a little help- or who just enjoy looking at Catwoman for other reasons- artist Jeff Victor has your back. Check out his illustration "The Evolution of Catwoman" below...

Well would you just look at him go. We're loving Jeff's view of all the iterations of Catwoman, and we especially love to compare them all next to each other. (Halle Berry, put some clothes on!) For anybody else who just got nostalgic and actually wants to look at all of these lovely Catwomen again for reals, we're one step ahead of you. Here's your Catwoman Lover's Guide to The Evolution of Catwoman (that's some meta shit right there). 

So there you have it, all of our favorite Catwomen of yesteryear. And of course we can't not talk about how different miss 2014 is from all the other ladies. We're loving the fresh new take- stealthy but practical. Any girl knows nobody could realistically do what Selena Kyle does in an outfit made entirely of skintight spandex and stiletto heels. Looks like the 2014 will be keeping it real, and we can't wait to watch that happen.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @DweebCast. We'll see ya next time!

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