New York Film Festival Final Round Up

Final round up of the New York Film Festival...

New York Film Festival Final Round Up

By Ali Tenenbaum

Clouds of Sils Maria – bad title, subject matter of fame is a bit thin but great movie, great director, great beauty and Juliette Binoche is GREAT (as always).

Listen Up Philip – Jason Schwartzman is delightfully annoying and smart in this Philip Roth knock off. It’s surprising and, although far from perfect, the style is original. It’s very funny and it’s a creative way to tell a story.

Two Days, One Night – This is fantastic. Find it and see it.

Foxcatcher – It’s nice to see two actors (Steve Carell and Channing Tatum) going out of their comfort zone and making it work.Also it’s very well directed, pacing, characters and story make it creepy at its best.

Birdman – this is a magical realism ride from start to finish. Edward Norton steals the show (displaying acting chops like I haven’t seen since Primal Fear).Watching Michael Keaton on screen makes me wonder why we haven’t seen him more lately.The movie is a technical masterpiece. Seeing is believing.

Citizen Four – Since “they” are for sure reading this, I know nothing and have seen nothing. But I’ll say it anyway, the film is distressing, disturbing and alarming.It is, admittedly, a very narrow viewpoint, as docs usually are, but it’s well done and should be required viewing.

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