St Vincent

A love of Bill Murray will get you through this mess of a movie...

St Vincent, Theodore Melfi 2014

By Ali Tenenbaum

A love of Bill Murray will get you through this mess of a movie.He’s endearing as an old, disheveled, grumpy, mean jerk of a loser. He’s a genius.

It’s a story about unlikely friends with a message about what family really means told in an unoriginal but effective way.The supporting cast supports and it turns out Melissa McCarthy is not all about the laughs. Naomi Watts is an, um, pregnant Russian stripper/hooker with a heart of gold and pink panties - would have liked to have been there when she read the script and said, yep, that’s me. The whole thing feels like a vehicle for the star and it takes too long to get to the somewhat contrived climax but I did shed a tear and Murray sings Dylan, which is awkward but kind of amazing.

Kids and grandma will like and appreciate it.

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