A down and out limo driver tries to turn things around...

Stretch, Joe Carnahan 2014

By Ali Tenenbaum

Patrick Wilson is perfectly off in this movie.A down and out limo driver tries to turn things around by providing “above and beyond” services to his wacky billionaire client.Shenanigans ensue and the usual stuff happens (flirting with hot sassy dispatcher, car chases, guns etc.) but in a clever and refreshing way.It’s also deliciously dark and a bit zany.Despite the fact that it all takes place in sprawling and mysterious Los Angeles, it feels like a local movie with a heart.

This is the kind of movie you find while browsing on demand and take a risk with (ok rotten tomatoes tells you it’s “fresh” enough to take a chance on but is that really enough?!). Slowly you realize it feels like a sleeper, like you might be the only one to have found it and you feel lucky when you realize, “Hmmm… this is actually pretty good.”

Not for kids and grandma will have no interest.

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