Gone Girl

Expectations may have hobbled David Fincher and Gone Girl...

Gone Girl, David Fincher 2014

By Ali Tenenbaum

Expectations may have hobbled David Fincher and Gone Girl. How could anything possibly live up to the hype, the fan anticipation, the will-there-be-a-severed-head-in-a-box Finchermania?! The movie is just ok. Rosamund Pike is really good in her extremely controlled nut-bag role and some of the supporting cast is decent (Tyler Perry stands out). BUT Ben Affleck is flat and uninteresting and the movie does not succeed in connecting us to the story the way the novel did.It’s way too long, over indulgent and frankly, kind of empty.The characters that we connected to so much on the pages of the book did not seem believable or real in the movie. Fincher’s slick style and ultra contrived scenes made me feel too detached from the whole thing. I supposed it’s mildly entertaining and ifI hadn’t read the book maybe I’d be more interested…? But maybe not.

Kids, no. And does Grandma really need to see a Ben Affleck full frontal? You decide.

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