Breath In

Our first look at Sophie, an eighteen-year-old British exchange student...

Breath In, Drake Doremus 2013

 By Ali Tenenbaum

 If Arcade Fire did a cover of “I knew you were trouble when you walked in…” that would be the soundtrack for this film.

Our first look at Sophie, an eighteen-year-old British exchange student whose round face, quivering lips, and piercing I’m-not-your-regular-teen eyes, gives everything away, right away. Throw in a controlling and over attentive host mother, a lanky, blonde, struggling teenage daughter, and an unfulfilled, brooding and nostalgic musician-teacher-husband and what do you get? Spoiler alert – TROUBLE!

The family had plenty of issues before the young ingénue arrives. Sophie is just the catalyst for the dynamics in the family to start changing and drama ensues. The writing treads the line between cheesy and realistic but the actors are so seasoned, talented and fully immersed that they draw the audience in. And even though you know from the very first scene the broad strokes of what is going to happen, you are still anticipatory and fully engaged.

You don’t need to rush to the theater for this one but it’s well worth a watch at home.  Not for young kids but granny might be a bit tantalized.

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