Under The Skin

Scarlett Johansson is a weird naked alien!

Under The Skin, Jonathan Glazer 2013

 By Ali Tenenbaum

Scarlett Johansson is a weird naked alien! What more do you need to know? This movie leaves you wondering...a lot. If you dig too deep and ask too much the movie dissolves. But if you allow yourself to be in the moment and take in the surrounding curiosities (the van, the local, the “fixer’s” role, and on and on…) then you will find some pretty interesting stuff: sexual predators, anatomy, alien beings, range of human emotion, etc. It’s shot beautifully with broad sweeping views of nature featured heavily, it’s intricate and perplexing. Scar Jo is absorbing (or should I say, absorbs you!). Jonathan Glazer always gives us something interesting and original, for that I am grateful.


Grandma will be like whaaaaa? And it might scare her. Your kid will have nightmares for life and definitely never travel to Scotland.

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