This is an interesting concept although...

Locke, Steven Knight, 2013

By Ali Tenenbaum

This is an interesting concept, though it feels like I have seen it before. No matter, Tom Hardy is extremely compelling as the driver, heading from his concrete farming job to a hospital in London where his mistress is giving birth.  It almost feels like an 85-minute commercial for BMW, Bluetooth and how good the sound is while making phone calls on the highway. Thankfully, Steven Knight gives us something more to sink our teeth into.  It’s dark, literally and physically like most of his other movies, and there is a lot under the surface as well as Hardy’s raw emotion, which is palpable.  You get a bit antsy watching him just drive and talk but I am pretty sure that’s the point.  I did find myself thinking more about the concept than the story and the character’s choices but ultimately the film has stayed with me.

 Grandma probably won’t get it but could certainly watch it.  Kids- no point.

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