A young nun sets off to find her only living relative...

Ida, Pawel Pawilkowski 2013

By Ali Tenenbaum

A young nun sets off to find her only known living relative in cold dark post war Poland.  Ok, not grabbing you yet? Don't worry, what comes next is the tightest 80 minutes I have seen on film in a long time.  It’s shot in black and white, which completely serves the bleak and beautiful journey.  The characters are struggling to adapt to life after the atrocities of the war have seeped into the fabric of their society. Each person is coping in his or her own way and the results are all at once joyful and devastating.

The cinematography is breathtaking and the direction is personal, subtle and nearly perfect.  This movie is a gem and you would be lucky to find it playing in your town. Go with Grandma, go with the kid, just go.

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