Absentee workaholic dad and crappy husband loses his job only to find his creative soul...

Chef, Jon Favreau 2014

By Ali Tenenbaum

Absentee, workaholic dad and crappy husband (convincingly played by Jon Favreau), loses his job only to find his creative soul, and his son, in a food truck.  A lot to like: road trip, social media, food orgy, and music =good stuff. There aren’t enough of these anymore – a down-home, full on, no-holds-barred feel good movie. It’s formulaic, predictable, kind of cheesy and very enjoyable.

 The film has some notable tidbits as well.  It features real life owners of a notorious BBQ joint, plus some authentic music played on the streets of Austin, an iconic restaurant in Nawlins, and, of course, famous chefs.  In the new world order where chefs are as well known as movie stars watching Roy Choi concoct a mouth watering grilled cheese makes for one freaking delicious movie scene.

 It’s pleasing for everyone. Grandma AND kids will feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

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