Begin Again

It's about an aging, on-the-outs rocker who has seemingly lost everything...

Begin Again, John Carney, 2014

By Ali Tenenbaum

It’s about an aging, on-the-outs record mogul who has seemingly lost everything, including his big record label company partnership. But then…he discovers a young crooked-toothed Brit to redeem him.Makes you wonder why every band or singer doesn’t record an outdoor record (they might now) using all the sights and sounds around them!

This is the kind of movie that is all about expectations.Have low ones and you will love it. It’s romantic and fun and the whole thing is extremely easy on the eyes (except for the crooked teeth).

Actual grandmothers have told me they loved it.Kids of a certain age (above 12ish) will also really like it. Especially girls with dreams of becoming the next Lorde.

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