A teenage boy tries to lose his virginity over and over and over and over again...

Premature, Dan Beers 2014

By Ali Tenenbaum

A teenage boy tries to lose his virginity over and over and over, and over again.It’s sophomoric, derivative, cliché and just plain silly, but not completely worthless.Dan Beers tutorial in all things teen 80’s is, well, he clearly watched every 80’s teen movie, ever. So many of them came to mind while watching this movie; Risky Business, The Girl Next Door, Secret Admirer, Three O’clock High, Ferris Bueller, all of John Cusack’s movies, and of course it pays serious homage to Groundhog Day.It has that glossy 80’s feel.You might be thinking, not such a rousing recommendation, but the truth is: it’s not great, but it’s also not terrible and I can’t really tell you why. You want to root for it and if you’re really bored one night, home alone, and need to pass and hour and half while also catching up on social media or figuring out where you are going to eat on your next road trip then it might just do the trick.

Too much masturbation for grandma and kids under the age of 13 might not be quite ready for that particular glimpse into their future.

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