Tammy is about a fat loser who goes on a road trip…

Tammy, Ben Falcone 2014

By Ali Tenenbaum

Tammy is about a fat loser who goes on a road trip…honestly, it doesn’t matter what Tammy is about. It’s terrible and so disappointing.I read an article where Melissa McCarthy said the main perk of becoming super famous and having big hit movies was that they all of a sudden “they” let you, even encourage you, to take all those silly pie-in-the-sky ideas you have had over the years that you could never get produced or written. Hmmmm. Wondering if one of those ideas included having Susan Sarandon play a wacky grandma with CGI (prosthetic?) cankles… Yikes.

Tammy is just a mess. It doesn’t take a film critic, a regular moviegoer or even a child to tell you this. Sadly, it’s not worth the money to go to the theater and even when it comes out on Netflix you maybe should skip it.The good news is, no matter how bad Tammy is, or how bad the next three movies Melissa McCarthy makes are, I will never not love her. She’s funny as hell, charming, easy to watch, awesomely chubby, a master of physical comedy, and mostly, she’s a bonafide movie star.

Grandma, um well she might like it, might be offended by it, might be inspired by it.Teenagers on the pot might laugh.

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