This Is Where I Leave You

This is a good bad movie...

This Is Where I Leave You, Shawn Levy 2014

By Ali Tenenbaum

This is a good bad movie. The ensemble is a powerhouse of actors that, in theory, should add up to something fantastic but they don’t.That is a waste and drives me nuts. They all seem a bit mismatched and like they are fighting for screen time. Jason Bateman shines though, as the lead-ish character. He has the biggest arc and is the most likeable.Everyone else is kind of just there.Tina Fey should stick to writing, Adam Driver is used in a silly sidekick kind of way, Connie Britton should be in lots more stuff and Jane Fonda looks f%&@&ing amazing.

The book is good, the movie is bad-good. You’ll laugh a little, you might cry if you’re feeling vulnerable and you will certainly enjoy, if you have zero expectations.

Kids will be bored but take grandma.

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