Unhung Hero

Best penis doc of the year!

Unhung Hero, 2013 Brian Spitz

By Ali Tenenbaum

Best penis doc of the year!Ok, it’s the only penis doc I've seen this year, or any year! Patrick Moote got rejected when he proposed to his girlfriend on TV. As humiliating videos tend to do, it went viral. YIKES! She gave him a few reasons, but the one he couldn’t get past was the "your penis is too small” one - quite the predicKament. The film follows his quest to find himself, so to speak.

The criticism I normally reserve for docs, that filmmakers are too attached to their subjects, is so extreme in this circumstance it actually works in the film's favor!The result is a deeply personal, funny, touching and painful (literally, sorry guys) journey.The clichés of the "self discovery" angle are easily overlooked because the subject is honest and open and the topic is handled in such an original way. You can’t help but root for Patrick and his teeny weenie.

There might be an embarrassment factor for Grandma and teenage boys but I recommend it to everyone.

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