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Tom Jones Talks New Album, Adele, That DNA Test & His Craziest Fan Encounter

Larry King NowDec 09 '15

Legendary singer Sir Tom Jones discusses his storied career, new music, which new artists he'd like to collaborate with, why he chose to omit his alleged extramarital affairs from his new autobiography and the time a fan surprised him... in a bathroom stall.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Dec 9th 2015:

"I don't think it's important.It's not what has made me.I've always look at entertainers as why is that person where he or she is?What's the talent?That's the main thing.The rest of it is part of life.It's not what got you there.It's not what is the real person."- On why he didn't write about his affairs in his autobiography

"Actually it was a sexy thing at the beginning."- On women throwing their panties at him

"When you're singing in working men's clubs where I come from in South Wales, if somebody throws something at you, you try and turn it into an advantage.So that was it."- On catching his first pair of panties and wiping his brow with them

"To me, it's basically the same.Music, when I started in the 60's, it was always youth driven.Y'know, they're always looking for young talent.And I don't think that's changed."- When asked about the change in the music industry

"She has a lovely voice, and she appeals to a lot of people, which I think is great.Because she is a singer's singer."- On Adele

"She gives other singers hope, that are coming into the business.Because with electronics the way they are now, there's a lot of electrical sounding records, with autotuner...But Adele sings very much in tune."

"A reporter said to me...'Would you be opposed to a DNA test?'And I said, 'No, I wouldn't be opposed to it.'And that was it.So now in the paper, Tom Jones is getting a DNA test to find out whether he's black or not.Well, I never said that."

"I would like to make a good movie... I would've liked to have had a go at it when I was young."- On something he would like to accomplish

"It was tremendous.It was a little scary at first... When I was first told about it, I thought, what do I have to do?Do I have to change my lifestyle?Is there anything I have to do?"- On being knighted