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Steel Panther's Uncensored Thoughts on Music Today

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Steel Panther

Larry King NowMar 13 '15

Michael Starr, Satchel, Stix Zadinia & Lexxi Foxx of Steel Panther sit down with Larry King to discuss their latest album, rockstar sexcepades, and their assessment of the current state of rock 'n' roll.

Steel Panther band members talk Whitesnake, eating lots of ramen noodles, and more 80s gems in their interview with Larry King. Here are some of our favorite quotes: 


“It’s hard. We had a lot of Top Ramen. We all lived together in an apartment on Fleur in Hollywood. But you know what? We enjoyed the '80s a lot. It taught us a tough lesson.”

“It doesn’t matter if you, you know, no matter how hard you try, if you give up mid-way through trying to make your career go off, you’ll never get a record deal. And we never gave up. We got signed in 2009. We’re the oldest heavy metal band to get a major recording contract.” — on what he learned in the '80s

“They play a role in our life, period. But you know, we don’t do them irresponsibly. I mean, if—let’s say before we go on—we don’t do drugs before we go on. I’ll wait till he does a guitar solo, then I’ll go do drugs, but I know that the song is—that the show is going good.”

“This is a non-denominational heavy metal record. You can be whatever you want to be. That’s the cool thing. Your own interpretation of your higher power is welcome in this record.” — on if "All You Can Eat" has any religious significance

“We talk about things that other people think about but are too afraid to talk about.”

“And that’s one thing we hold true to and we won’t stop doing it. […] Once you start and stop conforming to what other people want you to be, then you’re not going to be your true self.”

“For me, Van Halen was like my main influence, with David Lee Roth, when he had his long mane of hair and he was kicking around and screaming.”

“I met this girl. She was rather young, but I was pleased. And then she was there with her mom and with her grandmother. And after the show, I brought all three of them onto the bus and gave them some drinks and we all hung out and talked and some stuff happened with all three of us—all four of us together.” — on the craziest groupie moment


“Younger kids don’t really have a musical style that they can grab onto and really sink their teeth into. And I think, you know, we’ve reset the priorities.”

“Drugs are a part of everybody’s life. I mean, you know, sometimes you have to take drugs to be able to have an erection. Sometimes you have to take drugs to, you know, keep your herpes from outbreaking.”

“I think a lot of people listen to this record and they find their own religion within the world of heavy metal.”

“I think we would probably be nominated if we had a girl or a black person in our band 'cause right now we’re a bunch of white dudes and it’s hard to get an award if you’re just a bunch of white dudes.” — on Grammy nominations

“I think Gene is saying that because he doesn’t pull quite as many pretty girls as he used to because he looks like an ogre.” — on Gene Simmons’ quote in Esquire


“I think the fact that we are here with you really signifies that we have officially brought heavy metal back.”

“I was high for a lot of it. I do know that there is someone out there trying to get a hold of me saying I have a kid out there.” — on what his life was like in the '80s

“I think that Steel Panther is halfway to how successful we will become.”

“Bands that looked really, like—Whitesnake looked really cool. Band called Britny Fox, Cinderella, Europe, Dokken, Poison.” — on his inspiration in the '80s