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‘The Biggest Loser’ Trainers On New Dieting, Exercise Trends & America’s Obesity Epidemic

More from Ora: ‘The Biggest Loser’ Trainers On New Dieting, Exercise Trends & America’s Obesity Epidemic

Jillian Michaels On New E! Series, GMOs, Body Image & Her Dream To Train Hillary Clinton

Larry King NowJan 18 '16

Famed fitness and wellness expert Jillian Michaels previews her new E! series, gives advice on how to stay fit in the new year, proclaims that cursing is healthy and reveals why she wants to train Hillary Clinton.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Jan 18th 2016:

“I just looked at my life and I thought the bigger message has always been about trying to build a better life and I kind of wanted to share mine with the audience and just say look we’re all in this together, I go through all the same things you’re going through, I’m looking for answers, let’s look at them together…” ––Jillian Michaels on deciding to share her personal life

“I think that’s why I’ve always been such a controversial character is cause I don’t lie, I don’t candy coat things, I’m very honest, and sometimes people get rubbed the wrong way by honesty, but in this particular instance it’s all real.” ––Jillian Michaels on her new show being “real”

“If you’re going to take on a job, it deserves your best. 100%. And anything that I put out to the public I expect to deliver on its promise. It should be authentic, it should be made from a place of passion and design towards perfection, and I won’t accept anything less than that…” ––Jillian Michaels on being a perfectionist

“I think we have seen progress...we’re saying that you can be beautiful at any size...nevertheless there’s always going to be pressure to stay skinny and lean and I think it’s a matter of having a healthy conversation with your kids about what fitness looks like, and fitness is strong not skinny” ––Jillian Michaels on body image with young kids

“Get your kids outside. Be physical with them, play with them...” ––Jillian Michaels on childhood obesity

“Being gay isn’t a’re born the way that you’re born…”

“Passion.Passion first, and then obviously education.”––Jillian Michaels on what makes a good trainer