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Anchorman 2: Will Ferrell, David Koechner, Judd Apatow & Adam McKay

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Chris Kattan on 'SNL,' Mr. Peepers, & women in comedy

Larry King NowOct 26 '16

Comedian Chris Kattan revisits his time on 'SNL,' explaining what it was like to work for Lorne Michaels and the inspiration behind famed sketch characters like Mr. Peepers. Chris also discusses women in comedy and a possible 'A Night at the Roxbury' sequel.

Comedian Chris Kattan drops by ‘Larry King Now’ to talk about his latest indie film venture, ‘The Last Film Festival.’ Kattan describes the film’s unusual history, from the death of star Dennis Hopper in 2009, to its seven-year journey to the screen. The actor speaks to his role in the black comedy as a mortuary owner, as well as to his relationship with the late Hopper.

Later, the ‘Saturday Night Live’ alum and Larry turn their attention to the iconic show, as Chris Kattan relives his experiences at Rockefeller Center. Kattan reflects on his audition for Lorne Michaels, and his memories from those first days on the show. Then, Kattan and Larry address the show’s larger impact, from developing female comedians to impacting American politics.

Finally, actor Chris Kattan and Larry look at some of Kattan’s most memorable roles, including his tenure as Corky Romano and as Doug Butabi from ‘A Night at the Roxbury.’ Kattan looks back at the film’s development, and his partnership with comedian Will Ferrell. He leaves himself open to the possibility of a sequel, but makes no promises to Larry.