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Iliza will throw hecklers out of her show

Larry King NowOct 29 '16

Responding to Amy Schumer’s recent decision to remove a heckler from her show, Iliza says she’s done worse, going so far as to flip tables and dump drinks in people’s laps for misbehaving.

Larry King: Amy Schumer recently threw out a heckler. Had him removed from the audience.

Iliza Shlesinger: Sure.
Larry King: What do you make of that?
Iliza Shlesinger: Of the concept of a comic removing a heckler? Well, I think this: I don't know the details of that story. I know that I've had hecklers removed. I know that I've-
Larry King: You have?
Iliza Shlesinger: Oh, not only that. I know that I've flipped tables. I have thrown things. I have dumped drinks in people's laps. Now, that was a long time ago. Your responsibility is not only to yourself artistically but it's to your audience. And I really respect the fact that in a lot of cases my fans have spent a decent amount of money to come see me. Perhaps it's their entertainment budget for the weekend. Maybe they're going through something and this was their one release. And, if a heckler's just bothering me and disrupting my performance, I have to make a decision. Is that just bothering me or is it bothering everyone around them? If it's just something that I'm hearing, sometimes I ignore it. But you can't, you know, you're their shepherd and you can't afford to let one person ruin it for all these people who did pay to see you. So I'm all for- it's not my job to withstand them.
Larry King: Do you begin by taking them on?
Iliza Shlesinger: It depends. Sometimes, some people are worth taking on. Some people, their parents didn't raise them right, and they don't have any manners, and they're like "I've had a drink! I have all the rights in the world!" So, you can gauge very quickly whether or not it's a chemical imbalance or whether it's something you can say. And, you can deal with that accordingly. It depends on the venue. I say throw 'em out. I've got a lot of material to get through. And I don't have time to sit here and console you on the fact that your penis isn't all that you hoped it would be.