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Jewel on resilience, music, & her new project

Larry King NowOct 03 '16

Grammy-nominated, multiplatinum singer-songwriter Jewel opens up about healing from a tumultuous childhood, the state of the music industry, and her relationship with her 90s hits in this candid interview.

You may not know the story--before she became one of the music stars of the '90s, popular singer-songwriter Jewel was unemployed and homeless, living on the streets of San Diego and washing her hair in Denny's bathrooms. In this interview with Larry King, Jewel gets deep about the struggles of her past, her approach to songwriting, and how her holistic mentalities helped turn her life around.

Jewel speaks about both her present and her past. First, she speaks about her plethora of recent projects: her latest album, 'Picking Up The Pieces', her memoir, 'Never Broken', and her new mindfulness website But she also tells of her difficult relationship with her father, how she overcame the turbulence of her teenage years to rise the ranks of pop music, and the toughness she gained from growing up in Alaska.

But mixed in with the deeper explanations of her worldview, the singer reveals some lighter details as well. In a game of If You Only Knew, Jewel tells Larry about her first celebrity crush, her surprising affection for ACDC, and her biggest guilty pleasure...or pleasures?

*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Oct 3rd 2016: