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Jeff Bridges on acting, ‘The Big Lebowski,’ & his dad

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Dan Bilzerian on women, guns, & Trump

Larry King NowOct 05 '16

In a rare, in-depth interview, Dan Bilzerian – professional poker player and polarizing social media celebrity – opens up about regret, what he thinks of women, and why he’s supporting Donald Trump for president of the United States. Plus, the “King of Instagram” on hiring a prostitute to sleep with a veteran.

Social media titan Dan Bilzerian sits with Larry King to discuss how his success as a professional poker player turned into an Instagram following of 19 million people. He acknowledges the controversy his posts have caused, and what they say about his relationships with women. He also addresses the bests and worsts of his poker playing career, and how he has been able to turn that into a personal fortune.

Dan Bilzerian speaks to the scandals that have erupted since his rise to fame, including an incident in which he threw a porn star off a roof, and another in which he was accused of kicking a woman in the face at a nightclub. Dan Bilzerian gives context to both of these stories while providing insight into his infamous parties, at which there are often 10 female guests to every one male.