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Did Dan Bilzerian kick a woman in the face? The “King of Instagram” speaks out

Larry King NowOct 05 '16

In 2014, social media celebrity Dan Bilzerian was sued by a woman who says he kicked her in the face in a Miami nightclub. Speaking to Larry King, Dan shares his side of the story

Larry King: You’re no stranger to controversy. You were sued twice for allegedly kicking a woman in the face at a nightclub, throwing a porn star off your roof. Did you do that?

Dan Bilzerian: Um, well, uh. OK, so.

Larry King: Come on Dan, did you do that?

Dan Bilzerian: No, I’ll give you the exact truth. I was at a nightclub and I had one girl that I flew down that I used to date but decided that we should just be friends cause she wanted a relationship and um, I had another girl that I had been sleeping with for a couple years that was living with her boyfriend. So she was kind of like my actual date, but I couldn’t be seen with her so I had the other girl that I could like take to events, because we were at Art Basel. And they were both standing there, and I was here, and this one girl turns to the girl next to me, um calling her ‘my fake date,’ and said, like, you know, ‘I want you to move, you can’t stand next to him all night.’ And she’s like, ‘well I came here with him, what are you talking about? I can stand here.’ She’s like, ‘well you can’t just hog him all night. Like, I want to talk to him and this and that.’ She’s like, ‘well I came here with him. I’m not moving.’ And so the girl, rather than like discuss it or anything, punches her in the face, like right in the eye, gives her a black eye, then grabs her by the hair and rips her off the stage. She goes off the stage with her, five feet down, and then starts punching her.

Larry King: What did you do?

Dan Bilzerian: I mean, I did what I had to do, you know? I pulled the girl off my girl, and I grabbed my girl and brought her back up on the stage. You know? And it was just like one of those things where if…

Larry King: But you didn’t hit anybody?

Dan Bilzerian: I mean look, my girl was getting attacked, unprovoked, by another girl. You know, so I…

Larry King: So you defend her?

Dan Bilzerian:So I got the girl off of her.

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