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Is Dan Bilzerian happy?

Larry King NowOct 05 '16

Dan Bilzerian has money, a lavish lifestyle, and a seemingly endless stream of women around him – but is he happy? The social media superstar admits it’s a little more complicated than his Instagram profile might suggest.

Larry King: Davis Oliver wants to know whether or not blatantly flaunting excess has made you any happier as a human being, or if your need to outdo yourself has only contributed to your being insecure?

Dan Bilzerian: Um, well the one thing about spending a lot of money and doing a lot of pleasure buying is that it just ups that bar. So, in order to kind of like… You know, when I got out of the military for instance, going to Outback Steakhouse was like a ten. Right? So now I can’t get to a ten anymore. If I go the best restaurant in the world I’m like at a six. I can’t really like buy pleasure too much anymore, and that’s why I think a lot of people say that being rich makes you unhappy is because, before like if you’re a poor guy you can buy happiness, for sure. If I buy any poor guy a Lamborghini he’s going to be effing happy, you know what I’m saying? If I take him to the nicest restaurant in the world he’s going to be happy. For me I’m just like, whatever, those things don’t raise the bar.

Larry King: Are you generous with your friends?

Dan Bilzerian: Um, yeah. I’m more generous with poor people, but yeah.

Larry King: You’re not cheap?

Dan Bilzerian: Definitely not cheap.

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