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What Dan Bilzerian really thinks of women

Larry King NowOct 05 '16

Responding to criticism that he objectifies the opposite sex, Dan Bilzerian – who has become famous for documenting himself surrounded by scantily-clad women on social media – explains that he invites hundreds of women over because he wants to “get laid without having a bunch of conversations and dates” and bringing only a few guys into the mix ensures that the women will sleep with someone to “feel validated.”

Larry King: How did you get into all these things; pictures with women, women crowding around you? Uh, for example, Femme Magazine wrote, said “he objectifies women on a mainstream platform, normalizing women as background, rather than as actual human beings. In other words, you make women” according to them, “props.”

Dan Bilzerian: Yeah I mean I guess they said the same thing about Hugh Hefner, right? Um, I don’t know. I uh, I just take pictures and the women are there so I don’t know. I mean, it’s all up to interpretation. People can interpret…

Larry King: What’s your interpretation?

Dan Bilzerian: Uh you know, that I have a bunch of women hanging around.

Larry King: And how did that happen? Why do they hang around?

Dan Bilzerian: OK, that’s a pretty good question. I guess, like, it started in, I don’t know maybe like 2012. I kinda like figured out that life is more about set up, you know? And I wanted to set it up so that I could get laid without having a bunch of conversations, and dates, and whatnot. So when I’d have these pool parties I’d have like 30 of my friends…

Larry King: Male and female?

Dan Bilzerian: No, 30 of my guy friends, and then like 2-300 girls. And…

Larry King: How did all those girls get to go there?

Dan Bilzerian: You know promoters. Girls, you know, girls will invite girlfriends. And I had you know, manicurists, pedicurists, masseuses and you know, full staff and everything. So the girls who just come there, hang out, and uh…

Larry King: Was the purpose sex?

Dan Bilzerian: No, I mean you can’t have sex with 300 girls. So the girls would come there because they wanted to hang out, drink, and not get harassed. And it was perfect for my, you know, buddies because you know it was like a 10 to 1 ratio so the girls kind of had to compete for the guys and we could just hang out and girls would… It’s like, if a hot girl goes to a bar and she gets hit on ten times she can go home and sleep like a baby and not hook up with anybody. But if she goes to the bar and nobody pays attention to her, nobody talks to her, then she almost has to like, hook up with somebody to feel validated a little bit. So these are the kind of situations where there’s just so many girls that nobody was hitting on them, nobody was being aggressive, and the girls would like, come to the guys. So it was kind of like a set up thing.

Larry King: What do they think of you?

Dan Bilzerian: Uh depends. Depends on the girl.

Larry King: What do you think they do?

Dan Bilzerian: I mean usually girls that know me have a pretty high opinion of me. Um, just cause I’m always honest. You know I’m not like some of the LA guys that sell ‘em the dream; they tell they love them, they tell them they’re going to be monogamous, and you know, promise them all this stuff. I just, you know, I just keep it real.

Larry King: Do you ever think, ‘Dan,’ to yourself, ‘you’re using them’?

Dan Bilzerian: Um not really because it’s like a lot of situations in LA. It’s like both parties are benefiting.

Larry King: And you don’t think you use them?

Dan Bilzerian: I mean they’re, like I said before there’s a… I feel like a lot of time girls are using me. A lot of times girls use me to get back at their boyfriends or to piss off an ex or, you know I get used all the time.

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